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Why Nannies on the Block?

  •  At Nannies on the Block, we have the right Nanny who will  keep your child safe, well attended, and happy.  The right Nanny who has all the traits that makes her amazing including a natural appeal and love for children. You can browse through our database of applicants in order to compare their characteristics and personalities to find one that will not clash against your own idea of child rearing.
  • At Nannies on the Block, we have the right Caregiver who will  keep your  loved one  well attended, well cared, and happy.  The right Caregiver who has all the traits that’s ideal for caregiver including care and compassion. You may look at our list of applicants in order to find a caregiver who is trained and knowledgeable in his or her craft while at the same time still very compassionate to the sick or aged.
  • At  Nannies on the Block, we have the right Housekeeper who will keep your home or office clean, neat and tidy.  The right Housekeeper who is hardworking, organized, and happy to keep your place “spic and span” at all times. Anyone can learn how to be keep a house clean but there are those who are naturally inclined to cleaning and keeping things organized and tidy. Our website can help you find such gifted individuals for your household help needs.
  • At  Nannies on the Block,  we make certain that we have the right Work for the right Nanny, for the right Caregiver, and for the right Housekeeper which will make life easy and happy for everyone in the Family.

Guide To Success

The Right Babysitter or Nanny

The right babysitter or nanny is what parents wants.  Parents who have an important appointment and cannot bring their child along with them may need a babysitter or nanny. Relatives may not be available to look after your child temporarily. But finding the right babysitter or nannies can be very challenging. Since you are going […]

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Help From Online Nanny and Housekeeping Services

Your family can be grateful for the technology of the Information Age. You can use the Internet for your nanny and housekeeping needs. Through online services for these candidates, your family has the advantage of reading countless profiles of potential nannies and housekeepers.  These are nannies on the block available at your service.   All […]

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How A Nanny Can Benefit Your Family Emotionally and Financially

A family may have a hard time deciding whether to have a nanny take care of their child. Getting one means having to trust an outsider to attend to the child’s needs in replacement of the parents. It also means taking care of the needs of the nanny while working. That may include providing a […]

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Reasons Why Nannies or Caregivers Quit Their Jobs

Since you have a nanny or caregiver under your roof already, the challenge is to encourage her to stay with you. There are families who are able to convince their nanny or caregiver to be with them for a long time. However, there are also families who seem to develop only short-term relationships with their […]

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Welcoming a New Nanny or House Help

As a parent, you must be happy that a new nanny can take care of your child already. You may become a lot more relieved that your child can receive full attention when you are not around. Since you are welcoming a new nanny at your home, you have to make her feel comfortable for […]

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