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Do you want your child to be taken cared of according to your standards? Well, nannies from Nannies on the Block are available to make your temporary absence worry-free! You can entrust your child to a nanny candidate who is registered here and make your child happy. Nannies on the Block has a long list of nannies from Canada and around the world who are very interested to be a part of your family. All you have to do is register here and choose a suitable candidate for your needs.


Adult Care

Are you looking for a caregiver for your elderly family member? Through Nannies on the Block, you will be able to choose from countless candidates who have the patience to handle your loved one’s needs.

The caregiver can visit your household at a specified schedule to assist the elderly family member with everything that he or she needs. This is ideal for older people who are still able to function properly and will just need assistance when performing certain tasks, going to places, and administering medication. You may also hire a stay-in caregiver to watch over your patient 24/7. This is perfect for homes with older people that are often no longer mobile, or bedridden, and needs round the clock assistance for everything they need.

The chosen adult care provider possesses the appropriate qualities and can perform the responsibilities as agreed upon with the family. It can be challenging to take care of an elderly family member. Thus, you need to get a candidate who will assume this role while you continue with work, school, or business in order to provide for your family’s (including the elderly member) needs. Nannies on the Block can solve this dilemma for you. Browse through countless providers offering adult care services now!


Pet Care

Perhaps, your family loves pets and you have a lot of them? Now, you want to have a pet-sitter to take care of them. Do not fret since the available pet-sitter candidates of Nannies on the Block can assist you with your needs! Your furry family members will adapt to a new pet-sitter and to a new friend. You have to determine whether the potential pet-sitter is more comfortable in taking care of a tiny pet or a huge pet. Regardless of the size and kind of your pet, you can be relieved that Nannies on the Block has candidates for them.



Do you live in a house that needs help in cleaning and maintenance? Housekeeping candidates abound on Nannies on the Block for you to communicate with! They can stay at your house part-time, full-time or live-in depending on your agreement with them. Perhaps you own properties that always need to look presentable to visitors and your family members are very busy to clean them all. You have got your solution from Nannies on the Block! With the countless housekeeping candidates who are willing to maintain your house, your worries are minimized. You will find it convenient that your place can always look new.

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If you are looking for a nanny or a nanny job as well as for related work like caregiving and housekeeping, Nannies on the Block offers a convenient way of finding the solution to your problems. We assist each family in looking for services like child care, senior care, pet care, and housekeeping. We also offer the same assistance to job seekers.

We make every effort to offer the highest quality of customer service. At Nannies on the Block, you can post job listings, browse through detailed nanny profiles and conduct an interview with applicants. We will help you find out who is perfect for your situation. For those seeking job opportunities, the same benefits await you.

For Families

Families living in Canada can seek the services of Nannies on the Block. They can search through the comprehensive database of nannies, pet-sitters, caregivers, and housekeepers who are registered on the site to find their ideal candidate. You’ll find local candidates as well as applicants from all over the world who are willing to work in Canada. In case you opt to hire a foreign worker, make sure to abide by Canadian and the foreign country’s overseas worker laws.

For Job Seekers

Job seekers who would like to apply as nannies, pet-sitters, caregivers, and housekeepers who live in Canada have come to the right platform. Through Nannies on the Block, you can find countless possible employers who will need your assistance. For those who don’t reside in Canada, you are also free to post your details on the site. Just make sure to abide by Canadian and your own country’s laws on foreign work.

Nannies on the Block provide a simple and easy way to register. So register now and you’ll have immediate access to hundreds of applicants. Give Nannies on the Block a try today and let our staff assist you with your inquiries and concerns.